Jan Carlton Art

Jan Carlton Art

Welcome to Jan Carlton Art

Explore the captivating world of pastel art through the exquisite creations of Jan Carlton, a talented artist based in Olympia, Washington. This website serves as a platform to showcase Jan’s remarkable talent and provide art enthusiasts with an opportunity to own her original pastel pieces.


Welcome to the captivating world of Jan Carlton’s pastel art. On the homepage, you’ll find a glimpse of Jan’s stunning creations, which beautifully capture the essence of various subjects through the delicate strokes of pastels.


Discover the artist behind the mesmerizing pastel artworks. In the About section, Jan Carlton shares her artistic journey, inspirations, and the techniques she employs to bring her subjects to life. Get to know the artist behind the masterpieces and gain deeper insights into the creative process.

Available Originals

Indulge in the opportunity to own an original Jan Carlton pastel piece. The Available Originals section showcases a curated selection of Jan’s latest works that are available for purchase. Each piece is a unique expression of Jan’s artistic vision, capturing the beauty and emotion of her chosen subjects.


Immerse yourself in Jan Carlton’s artistic journey by exploring the Archive section. Here, you’ll find a collection of Jan’s sold and prior works, allowing you to witness the evolution of her artistic style and the subjects she has passionately portrayed. Delve into the extensive gallery of pastel masterpieces and appreciate the depth of Jan’s talent.


Connect with Jan Carlton and explore her art further. In the Contact section, you’ll find the details of the gallery where Jan’s works are displayed in downtown Olympia. Additionally, you can reach out to Jan directly through the provided business phone number and email address. Jan welcomes inquiries, collaborations, and the opportunity to share her passion for pastel art.

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